TNC Registration Guide

Please follow these steps below to register your vehicle for TNC use with the Virginia DMV.  Once you have reached the end of this process, a screen will appear stating that your vehicle is ready for TNC use.  Please take a screenshot or photo of this and email it to Uber, so we can approve your vehicle for Virginia pickups.

Note: The Virginia DMV will NOT accept temporary registrations. Your vehicle must be titled in your state of residence and have been issued a permanent registration before completing the steps below.

1) Go to
2) Make sure you have the registration information for the vehicle readily available
3) Click on the orange Log In button

4) You will need to log into your DMV account.  All partners with Virginia Driver’s License have an account under their driver’s license number.

  • you need either your Driver's License Number or Social Security Number
  • Birth Date

5) If you have created an account beforehand, it will ask for your PIN number

  • If you forget your PIN, you can click the "Forgot PIN" button and answer the security questions
download 5.png

6) If you have not created an account you will need to answer a few qualifying questions and then set up a PIN number
7 ) Once you have signed into the account, click on the Online Services button to return to the home page

8) Go to to begin the registration process.

9) Click on the link for Registering a Vehicle Titled in Virginia for TNC Use

  • in the first choice, click on the link titled register the vehicle for TNC use

10) A new webpage will open, click the option for Virginia Vehicles and then hit the orange submit button

11)  Confirm your mailing address on the next page then hit Continue to transaction
12)  There you can select the vehicle under the account or add another vehicle

  • once you have selected the vehicle or added a vehicle hit the orange Submit button

13) The website will bring up the details for the vehicle, confirm them and then hit the orange continue button

14) The web page will confirm the vehicle is now registered for TNC use and the stickers will be mailed within 15 days
15) Once you have obtained TNC approval for your vehicle,upload proof of TNC approval. Click here for examples of TNC approval.